Sorority House Room Tour

I'm a sophomore this year at college, which means I no longer live in a residence hall. This year, I moved into the Gamma Phi Beta house! I had been excited about the opportunity to move into the house since the day I signed my bid. So many older members had shared their experiences and talked about how much they loved living in the house. 

My roommate and I spent the summer counting down the days until we could finally move in. I used the same bedding from last year, since these beds are still Twin extra longs. However, this year I was able to organize things with my roommate and suitemates more. We share a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom between the rooms. There is way more bathroom storage than I ever had in the dorms, and we bought matching baskets for the shelves. This was a really simple way to make it look more neat, and we have had so many compliments on them when people come into our rooms!

Another thing that is different from the dorms, for me, is the ability to loft our beds. At first, I planned to put my desk under my bed. That was before I realized how high my bed would actually have to be and how often I would hit my head. I moved my bed down one click, and use the space under for storage. 

So far, I am loving living in my sorority house. If you are a member of a chapter at a school with houses, I would 10/10 recommend living in house. When else will you be able to live in a mansion, with a chef and 50 of your best friends?

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50 Gift Ideas for your Little

For sorority women, getting a little is similar to having a child. You know, without the whole birthing process. First you have to find the perfect new member, and fight off other active members. Then it's time to start showering her in gifts and love. In my chapter, we don't have a clue week and the day of reveal is a surprise to new members. I think it just builds more excitement and anticipation for the new littles. This does not mean that bigs craft any less, however. I compiled a list of 50 things you can buy or make for your new little to ensure she has a perfectly overwhelming reveal. Each item is linked to an example from Pinterest! 

1. Her favorite candy (puns encouraged)

5. A Mug

9. Snacks

10. A hat

17. Decals

25. Bows

26. Buttons

34. Koozies

39. Banner

40. Mirror

42. Paddle (depending on your chapter's traditions)

43. Key Fob

46. Flowers

49. Coffee

I'm so excited to become a big this semester. It's a lot of responsibility but my family is about to almost double in size and I know my big and grandbig will still be there for me. My big did so much for me and I can't wait to do the same for my own little!

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Bid Day 2016

(Fall 2015 New Member Class)

On Monday, the Delta Nu chapter of Gamma Phi Beta extended 92 bids. I was beyond excited to welcome home this group of women, and meet my crescent sister. In my sorority we assign crescent sister pairings with one active member and one new member. This is essentially a temporary big, so you have a person to go to while getting into the swing of things. Seeing all the girls run home made me so happy.

Recruitment was even more crazy than I expected it to be. The week before included long days of chanting, singing, clapping and walking through our entrances/exits. These practices often ran into the late hours of the night. However, I genuinely enjoyed most of recruitment and our Membership Vice President did such a great job of pulling everything together. Recruitment and practice allowed me to bond with so many different sisters. I also really liked being able to talk to so many women, and share my favorite memories about the sisterhood. The preference round was my favorite, mostly because it meant we were so close to getting to new sisters, but also because it is such an emotional and sentimental day. Senior speeches had me in tears on several occasions. 

All of this led up to bid day, and it was completely worth it. The evening began with chapter photos, and my new member class ones are at the top of this post! Then we got food and held a pinning ceremony for our new members. After that, it was basically a big dance party in front of the house. 

Congratulations to all the women out there who got their bids this fall or welcomed home a group of new sisters!

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