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A Week in Panama City Beach

How to Build a Business Casual Wardrobe

Last year I traveled to a regional conference with my sorority's executive board and decided I needed to be more intentional in buying clothing that was business casual. Most of my  "semi-professional" wardrobe, at the time, was t-shirt dresses and cardigans. Since then, I've invested in a variety of pants, tops and other pieces to mix and match when I need to dress for a professional setting. I was able to attend multiple conferences in 2017 and I've definitely redefined my idea of business casual. This month, I was able to attend AFLV Central - a conference that brings together men and women from all IFC, NPC, and NPHC organizations. The entire conference was business casual at minimum with a banquet that required professional attire.

Why I Changed my Major

I was the type of high school senior that picked a major and said I was going to stick with it. A million people told me that so many college students change their major or graduate and do something completely unrelated to their degree but for whatever reason I thought I would be one of the few that kept my same major all the way through college. I don't know why I thought this, because I didn't grow up knowing what I wanted to do for a career. I was actually certain I was going to study marine biology up until my junior year of high school. Granted, I didn't know what I really wanted to do with that degree. So, I applied to several colleges with the intentions of studying Marketing. 

How to De-Stress in College

I've said it probably a hundred times, but college is wild. You're living on your own for the first time ever. Classes are difficult, no matter what your major is. There's a huge amount of pressure to get experience for your future career. And it all goes by way too fast. I recently met with my academic adviser and narrowed down exactly what I need to do to graduate... in just over a year. Just two years ago, I had a different major and no idea what I was going to do with that degree. Now, I have several different plans and goals for my future.

U.S. Travel Bucket List

This blog post is inspired by Gabby's post on The Swirl during blogmas a couple months ago with a little spin to make it my own. Gabby shared ten beautiful places she wanted to go to in the future using photos from other bloggers - which I think was a fabulous idea to support fellow writers and share their travel tips. Without further ado, here's my top ten locations (in the United States) to visit soon:

20 things I've learned in 20 years

Today, I've survived two decades and beat teen pregnancy. It's been a long twenty years, and I've obviously grown and learned a lot. It's wild for me to think that I was sixteen when I started this blog and that I've already been doing it for almost four years (on and off). In those years alone, I've grown up so much especially since going to college. So, here's 20 life lessons I've learned in my twenty years:

Twenty Eighteen Goals

I waited a couple weeks to write and publish these, because I've never been a fan of new years resolutions and I wanted to give myself time to trial-run my goals. Now, I've decided on the specific ways I want to achieve them. When I returned from my (unplanned) hiatus of fall semester, I included four brief goals for 2018. They were as follows:

Meyers Briggs Results & Review

I discovered and took the Meyers-Briggs personality test years ago, and I've taken it many times since, and almost always gotten the same result. My personality type is the 'Advocate', which is INJF-T. I though it would be an interesting blog post to explain my personality type, and 64% of the people who voted on my twitter poll thought so too.

5 Truths of Living Off Campus

It's that time of the year when students start searching for housing options and signing leases for the next academic year. Last year I technically lived off-campus in my sorority house. However, I could still walk to campus or use the university's shuttle when I was feeling lazy almost every day. This year, I moved into a house further away. My living situation requires me to drive to campus, and although it's only a 5 minute commute, (plus plenty of time to find parking) it really made a difference in my schedule. Here's five changes I've noticed in just one semester: