Greek Week 2016

Last week was my first Greek Week at Missouri State! It was such a busy and exciting week. The overall theme was Adventure Awaits. Our team was made up of Gamma Phi Beta, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Gamma Delta, Alpha Gamma Rho and Sigma Gamma Rho, Inc. Our team's theme was 'Awake the Adventure' and explored dreams and nightmares in our house decorations and Greek Jam performance. I'm so proud of how much effort and creativity our team put into the week. Staying up until 3 am painting sets was absolutely worth it at the end of the week. 

The week began with house decorations, the block party Tug-of-War, and Greek Olympics. Our team's house decorations placed second. Then, Gamma Phi Beta took third for women's Tug-of-War. On Monday, we cheered on our basketball and volleyball teams at the All Star Games. Our volleyball team took third place. An Educational Speaker came to talk about FSL unity on Wednesday. The Greek God and Goddess Pageant was on Thursday. FIJI's Gods placed third in the pageant and overall, which was so great! On Friday evening, our team placed second in Family Feud. The week ended on Saturday with Greek Jam! 

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College (as told by 30 Rock)

I love the show 30 Rock, it was even on My Netflix Picks that I shared a while ago. The characters are so funny, and somehow they end up being very relatable to me, as a college student. Tracy Morgan and Liz Lemon can help me remember not to take life too seriously. I don't know where I would be without friends that always laugh with me.
I've seen similar posts where people compare college to The Office or Parks & Rec, but I hadn't seen a comparison to 30 Rock. So, without further ado, I present to you College (as told by 30 Rock):

Walking into class on your first day of freshman year:

When you miss a day of class:
135 "30 Rock GIFs"...Just Because

When someone asks you about the Freshman 15:
135 "30 Rock GIFs"...Just Because

During finals week:

When you call your parents for more money:

When you run into a high school tour on campus:

When someone asks what you're stressed about:

When you've had a very long day:

And at the end of the day:

MO State or NO State

In case other blog posts (1/2/3/4) haven't made it obvious, I absolutely love my university. I decided to compile a few selling points for Missouri State University. I would argue that this is the best university in Missouri (watch out Mizzou).

1. The Twitter Game is Strong - Missouri State's Twitter is not only funny, but they often reply to students. Our bear statues even have their own pages, and the various university accounts talk to each other all the time, bringing something amazing to everyone's timelines. You can also count on these accounts to keep you updated about what is happening around campus. 

2. Club Meyer - Meyer Library offers countless study spots and so many resources for students. It's open until 2am Sunday-Thursday, and offers extra long hours during finals. There's even a Starbucks located inside so you basically never have to leave. The library is actually one of my favorite places on campus. 

3. Clif Smart - Tell me how many other university presidents make hilarious videos and have their own gifs? President Smart also makes himself available to students. He hosts a free pancake dinner during finals week and regularly attends organization's events. He's always down to take selfies with students too.

4. The Fountain - Arguably the prettiest thing on campus, the John Q. Hammons fountain is essentially Missouri State's centerpiece. It's the perfect spot to enjoy nice weather. Just don't jump in! There's a fine for doing so, and rumor has it that fine increases for each level you climb. 

5. Student Activities Council - I may be a little biased, since I am a member, but this is one of the best organizations on campus. They utilize a student fee to bring tons of events to campus at no extra charge to students. For example, in January, there was a free Jesse McCartney concert. Events range from movie showings to speakers to the annual May Day celebration. 

6. Bear Up - Sports are important at any college in the United States and Missouri State has some pretty good stats. Our Ladybears (women's basketball) went to the first round of the NCAA Women's tournament. Baseball Bears are currently crushing it. Almost all sporting events are free to students. Ice Hockey and Baseball are the only exceptions, but tickets are just a few dollars.

7. Growth - Enrollment is up at Missouri State and the campus is growing with it. Our College of Business building is under construction and going to be better than ever when renovations are complete. The Fraternity & Sorority Life community is also working to welcome Alpha Omicron Pi (which will be the 8th national sorority) to campus. By Spring 2018, Missouri State will also be home to 20 fraternities. 

Oh, and here's where you can start the transfer process!

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