Why You Should Spend a Summer in your College Town

If you're not excited for the school year to start up in August, you either picked the wrong school... or you're already living in your college town. Most students can't wait to pack up and move back to the city they go to school in. This summer, after my trip to New Zealand, I moved straight down to Springfield. I've been working two jobs on campus, cooking for myself, and beginning to actually be responsible for myself. Let me tell you, this has not been easy, but I'm glad I did it.

8 Habits for Better Grades

I'll be honest with you, I'm not the poster child for amazing grades in college. In my four semesters, some have been better than others. There's definitely a few small things you can do to improve your grades and hopefully get you on the Dean's List! I promise they aren't difficult habits to develop, you just have to be consistent.

How to "Do It All" In College (+ free iPhone wallpaper!)

In my spring semester, I became a pretty busy person. I was serving on executive councils for multiple organizations, coaching Girls on the Run, searching for an apartment/house, making summer travel plans, blogging, interviewing for jobs and taking 12 credit hours (should have been 15, but I changed my major and dropped a statistics class). My calendar was so full that I started blocking out time for lunch with friends and taking naps, or those things weren't going to happen. I've talked about time management in several blog posts but how do you actually balance all the things that college entails?