Waiterere, New Zealand

My trip around New Zealand is progressing quickly! As I'm writing this, we are about halfway through our 3 weeks here. I've spent a good chunk of time with family at Waiterere Beach, where my grandparents moved to when they retired. They're only a couple blocks from the beach. On their property, they also have a small cottage that they rent out on weekends and holidays, which is where we've been staying. Since it's winter in New Zealand, it's not exactly peak season for beach goers.

Waiterere is little community with just a Four Square (corner store), gift shop, and a few restaurants and cafes. My grandparents know most of the locals because of the small population. In our time there, we visited the fairy garden, which was pretty interesting. People started leaving garden decorations, like gnomes, and someone started placing them in the garden. There's a whole bunch of different things, so I guess the saying that "ones man's trash is another man's treasure" is true after all.

If you missed my first blog post from New Zealand, you can read it here. When this goes live, I'll be headed to the South Island to visit Queenstown and Twizel, where I've got more family. The South is more touristy than the North Island and a lot colder so that should be interesting. Look out for more travel blog posts about New Zealand and Australia!

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