Queenstown, New Zealand


The next stop on our New Zealand adventure was Queenstown. You might recognize some of the scenery from such films as The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, which New Zealand is well known for. All my life, when people learn that I'm from New Zealand, they ask about how pretty it is. Since I was only six years old when I moved to the United States, I hadn't seen all that much of the country to remember it until this trip. So now at least I know what people are talking about. Queenstown is an extremely popular tourist destination and is home to plenty of activities. On our first day, right after we flew in, we took the gondola up to the luge and checked out the view.

The second day, rain was in the forecast, but that didn't stop us from a little thrill-seeking. The plan was to drive out to Kawarau Bridge for the zip ride, similar to a zip line. When we reserved our time and paid online, we paid for five individuals. However, when we arrived, we found out there was a 5-pack deal that saved some money. This left us with a $100 credit for more rides or the store. After some deliberation, I decided to take this opportunity to bungee jump. What better place to bungee jump than the first place to commercialize bungee jumping? I tried not to think about it too much as I got strapped in and ready to jump. Standing on the edge was just a little terrifying and before I knew it, the instructor was counting down. I said "oh shit, no" and didn't jump the first time. He asked why I was still there and told me not to look down. The second time he counted down, I looked straight out and leaned forward. Before I knew it, the free fall was over and I was bouncing around above the river. Two guys come out in a raft tied to the dock and lower you down. Honestly, the climb back up the hill was the worst part of the whole ordeal.

We spent only two short days in Queenstown before it was time to head on to our next adventure. My uncle and his family live in Twizel, which is near the base of Mount Cook. We're spending a few days there before it's off to Australia! If you missed any of my other blog posts about New Zealand, check them out here.

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