Sophomore Year Reflection

My second year of college was a wild ride, which I'm sure you could tell if you read my last post The Sophomore Crisis. However, I want to share some accomplishments and fun things from this year! I did a lot of traveling during my spring semester, and that is only going to continue this summer as I head back to New Zealand and Australia for the first time in a long time. When I arrive back in the states, I'll be moving down to my college town and working on campus. Look out for more on that soon!

I moved into my sorority house and participated in recruitment as an active member for the first time! Living in the house was an experience like no other and I'm so glad I made the decision to live in it. This house gave me everything - from late night chats, to Wendy's runs, to having 40+ wardrobes and a chef. It also kept me very close to campus for another year, which was super convenient.

I became a big when I found the perfect little for me. She's quickly become one of my best friends and I'm so grateful to have a good relationship with my little. I gained a several other good friends this year and I don't know where I would be without them.

Our "Home on the Range" themed team won Homecoming overall. Homecoming is easily the biggest week on our campus, and it's so much fun. There's lots of events like Yell Like Hell, a stomp competition, Rockstar, a singing competition, and the parade. We spend endless hours working on our float for the parade, which really paid off this year when it placed first!

I cut off over 11 inches of hair and donated it to locks of love. Cutting off my hair was something I had considered and I finally decided, on one particularly windy day, that I was actually going to do it. I've donated my hair before and I was excited to find out there was enough to do it again.

I joined my sorority's executive council, as Public Relations Vice President, and traveled to Chicago for our regional leadership conference. My sorority has been such a huge part of my collegiate experience so far, and being able to serve my chapter and grow as a leader has been such a valuable experience.

I traveled to Memphis, TN to see Giant Pandas in person for the first time. I geek out about most things related to animals and this experience was no exception. I loved going to a new zoo and seeing a species I had never seen in person, even if it meant spending 12 hours in cars in a single weekend!

I traveled to Waco, TX and Dallas, TX for Spring Break and visited Magnolia Market & Garden. You can check out all my blog posts about spring break here (there's lots of fun photos)!

I joined Missouri State's Traditions Council this year and when a position opened up on the executive council, I took it. Upholding traditions and celebrating Missouri State is something I'm extremely passionate about and I've loved being apart of this organization. I also applied for and was appointed to a position for the 17-18 academic year. I'll be planning events for the entire campus next year!

One of the most rewarding and challenging things I did this semester was become a Girls on the Run coach at a local elementary school. I always loved being involved with Gamma Phi Beta's philanthropy and helping out at the Celebratory 5Ks each semester but coaching gave me a whole new perspective. I also completed the 5K as a running buddy with one of the girls from my group. It wasn't the easiest thing but it was so fun and going to practices was always worth it.

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