Exploring Waco, TX

During my trip to Waco, we were able to see a lot more in town than just Magnolia Market. The town is home to lots of shopping, several attractions, and local food. I really enjoyed visiting Waco because I had never spent much time in Texas, and it was cool to see a smaller town. Check out some of the other things we did during our trip to Waco: 

+ Shopping
  • Magnolia Market- Magnolia was the main reason we travelled to Waco, and you can read all about that in my last blog post.
  • The Findery - The Findery is located right across the street from Magnolia, and has a lot of similar items. There is also clothing and jewlery. 
  • Spice Village - This is a collection of stores located in downtown Waco. You can find almost everything here - Baylor spirit gear, clothing, Lilly Pulitzer products, Kate Spade products, and home goods.
  • Harp Design Co. - Fixer Upper isn't the only HGTV show to come out of Waco! Harp Design Co. is full of handmade wood products.
  • Junque in the Trunk - This is another great stop for the farmhouse style and antiques. Joanna Gaines even shopped here during season 2 of Fixer Upper! 
+ Attractions
  • The Suspension Bridge - This is a pedestrian bridge and a good photo op. The bridge stretches across the Brazos River and has parks on either side. The Riverwalk also extends across town. 
  • Dr Pepper Museum - For a little piece of history, stop by the Dr Pepper Museum. You'll see how it's made and lots of old advertisements. It only takes a few hours and the tour is self-guided.
  • Waco Mammoth National Monument - This excursion was probably my favorite thing, after visiting Magnolia. The tour takes you to on a short trip into the woods and you're able to see fossils of a herd mammoths and a camel.
  • Cameron Park Zoo - We didn't actually visit the zoo in Waco on this trip because we already had plans to go to the Dallas Zoo over Spring Break. However, it looks like it has a lot of cool animals!
  • Baylor University Bear Habitat - There is a lot of pride for Baylor in Waco. The colors are prevalent and a lot of the stores we shopped in featured Baylor spirit items. Stop by and see the famous bears on campus.
+ Food
  • Olive Branch Bakery & Cafe - We ate here in between shopping. The cafe is located downstairs from Spice Village. I would definitely recommend the bread bowl!
  • Heritage Creamery - If you're in the mood for ice cream, stop at the Heritage Creamery next to Baylor University. Their ingredients are all local and the staff is extremely friendly!

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Magnolia Market & Garden

This year, for spring break, I traveled to the heart of Texas - Waco - with my family, mostly just to visit Magnolia Market & Garden. I have no shame saying that an HGTV Show was the inspiration for our spring break plan this year. I mean, who doesn't love Fixer UpperI absolutely loved the color scheme and design of Magnolia. The black and white, green, and wood work so well together and I have such a specific idea of what I want my future home to look like now. I adore the way Joanna mixes classic and modern elements - I wonder if she'd want to visit Springfield and decorate my house this summer? Good thing my room mate wants the same aesthetic!

Quick tip for visiting Magnolia Market & Garden - get there early! By 10AM, the line wrapped from the entrance to the store, all the way around the garden, and onto the street. It was also spring break for a lot of area schools, so I'm sure that played a role in how many people were there. It's worth it to try to beat the crowds, and Magnolia opens at 9am every day except Sunday.

While I didn't get to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines, I did snag a shirt and the trip was so worth the drive. There were plenty of other shops and a few attractions to visit in Waco, and that blog post will be coming at you on Saturday! I know it's been a hot minute (almost two months) since my last blog post, but I promise I'm making a real effort to get back into posting regularly. It definitely helps to have some material and some free time!

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