College Backpack Essentials

What I like to have in my backpack in college is a little different than high school. Then, I could carry around textbooks and it wasn't a big deal because I never had far to walk. Now, I'll sooner take my laptop to class than a heavy textbook. There are also things that weren't necessary in high school that I do need on a college campus. So here's a list of the main things I keep in my backpack at college and why:

Backpack - Before I started college, I purchased the North Face Jester backpack. It's the perfect size and has a pouch in the biggest part for my laptop. My goal was for this backpack to last through college, and I think it will. Some people opt to use tote bags for classes but I don't want all the weight of my books on one shoulder.

Pens - I write in blank ink usually, or I opt for a pencil in math/science classes. I have a set of paper mate flair (ultra fine) pens with me for my agenda. I keep my classes color coded and reserve the pink shade for sorority events.

Calculator - I didn't buy a special calculator for college, so I've been using this pink TI Scientific calculator since the beginning of high school. I only need it for my accounting and statistics classes, so you may not even need one depending on your major.

Agenda - I've been using a Lilly Pulitzer agenda for the last two years and it's perfect for what I need it for. I record all assignments, tests, meetings and campus events in here so it's always with me.

Water bottle - I always try to have a full water bottle. I noticed these Corkcicle water bottles at the store I work at when I'm home and I had already got my Mom the tumbler cup version. They keep your water cold for the entire day, or keep hot drinks hot for four hours. 

3 Subject Notebook - This semester, I have three classes back to back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I purchased a three subject folder/notebook to keep them organized. This way, I only have to grab one book in the mornings. This notebook also has pouches at the beginning of each section so I can keep my syllabus and other handouts on hand.

1 Subject Notebooks - For my Tuesday/Thursday class and my night class, I have separate notebooks. I like the Five Star ones because they're big enough and they also have a folder at the beginning of the notebook for handouts.

Phone Charger - In my room, I have two long phone chargers but I keep a short one in my bag just in case. I should also probably find my portable charger and keep that on hand, but it's easier to just have a cable. I usually also have headphones in my backpack. Both of these items come in handy for long library sessions.

What do you keep in your backpack? Let me know by leaving a comment down below!

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