How My Sorority Made Me More Confident

I've talked a lot about my sorority on here since coming to college. It's not a subject that I think about focusing on or avoiding on my blog because my chapter has become such an integral part of my life. Since living in my sorority house, and going through recruitment as an active member, I've learned more than I ever imagined about myself and my chapter. 

During Thanksgiving break, I was able to catch up with a couple friends from high school. A quick coffee date turned into hours of conversation about how much our lives had changed in the last two years. It was pointed out that, since high school, I've changed significantly. This wasn't stated in a negative way. I've simply emerged from my shell and it shows. In high school, I was quiet and studious. I did my work and I was a member of a couple organizations. I never considered myself one to run for positions or take control.

Gamma Phi Beta has changed that. My time in this sorority has made me extremely more confident in myself. At this time last year, I was nervous to put myself out there except when absolutely necessary. I certainly did not picture myself running for leadership positions. My expectations of sorority life were to pay my bills, attend events, make friends and fly under the radar (much like high school). Now, I hold an executive board position. I was overjoyed to be elected as Public Relations Vice President last week. Now, I can start a dance party at a chapter event without the fear of nobody joining in. Now, I can stand up in front of a room of over 100 women. 

I am gaining life skills at college, even when I am not in class. My sorority has given me the things I didn't know I needed. The support of my chapter pushes me to make each day better than yesterday. It pushes me to be the best version of myself and be proud of who that is. I know exactly who to call when I need a pep talk. I've found women who believe in me, especially when I don't believe in myself. I've learned that when you aren't sure if you want to laugh or cry, you should always look for a reason to laugh.

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  1. Ugh..I really wish we had sororities at my school! I'm always so jealous of the friendships other girls get to make in them!

    Anyway, I also stopped by to let you know that I nominated you & your blog for the Mystery Blogger Award (hooray!), so if you need to add some more stuff to your content calendar this blogmas, here’s an idea!

    You can read all about the challenge on my latest blog post (! I linked to you, girl! Thanks for being AWESOME and for all our fun GroupMe chats. Love always <3