Sorority House Room Tour

I'm a sophomore this year at college, which means I no longer live in a residence hall. This year, I moved into the Gamma Phi Beta house! I had been excited about the opportunity to move into the house since the day I signed my bid. So many older members had shared their experiences and talked about how much they loved living in the house. 

My roommate and I spent the summer counting down the days until we could finally move in. I used the same bedding from last year, since these beds are still Twin extra longs. However, this year I was able to organize things with my roommate and suitemates more. We share a Jack-and-Jill style bathroom between the rooms. There is way more bathroom storage than I ever had in the dorms, and we bought matching baskets for the shelves. This was a really simple way to make it look more neat, and we have had so many compliments on them when people come into our rooms!

Another thing that is different from the dorms, for me, is the ability to loft our beds. At first, I planned to put my desk under my bed. That was before I realized how high my bed would actually have to be and how often I would hit my head. I moved my bed down one click, and use the space under for storage. 

So far, I am loving living in my sorority house. If you are a member of a chapter at a school with houses, I would 10/10 recommend living in house. When else will you be able to live in a mansion, with a chef and 50 of your best friends?

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