50 Gift Ideas for your Little

For sorority women, getting a little is similar to having a child. You know, without the whole birthing process. First you have to find the perfect new member, and fight off other active members. Then it's time to start showering her in gifts and love. In my chapter, we don't have a clue week and the day of reveal is a surprise to new members. I think it just builds more excitement and anticipation for the new littles. This does not mean that bigs craft any less, however. I compiled a list of 50 things you can buy or make for your new little to ensure she has a perfectly overwhelming reveal. Each item is linked to an example from Pinterest! 

1. Her favorite candy (puns encouraged)

5. A Mug

9. Snacks

10. A hat

17. Decals

25. Bows

26. Buttons

34. Koozies

39. Banner

40. Mirror

42. Paddle (depending on your chapter's traditions)

43. Key Fob

46. Flowers

49. Coffee

I'm so excited to become a big this semester. It's a lot of responsibility but my family is about to almost double in size and I know my big and grandbig will still be there for me. My big did so much for me and I can't wait to do the same for my own little!

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