The Truth about Dorm Life

If you're going to be a college freshman this year, you're probably moving into a university residence hall of some kind. I actually really enjoyed living in the dorms at Missouri State. Being so close to classes and food on campus was incredibly convenient. Second semester, I lived with an amazing group of girls and I was genuinely upset about leaving in May. I was the last one to move out, and it was pretty sad watching everyone and all their things disappear slowly. Living in the dorms is an important part of your college experience, so today I'm sharing a few things I learned during my freshman year.

No matter how organized you are, it's not going to be clean all the time. When you move in, you'll make sure everything looks neat. Your new under bed storage and plastic drawers will be full and placed perfectly. Once you've actually lived in this tiny room for a month, you'll find that it's going to be a bit of a mess. Your books won't be stacked perfectly and you'll probably leave your laundry basket full for way too long. And, if you are a super clean and neat person, your roommate may not reciprocate. As long as they keep their mess on their side, it should be fine. You can't be their mother and make them clean up.

Your RA either cares too much or not at all. Some schools have different names for them, but this is the older student that lives on your floor and is somewhat responsible for their residents. I moved into a different building after my first semester and both of my RAs were really chill each semester. They were friendly enough, but not overbearing. That being said, no matter what type of RA you end up with, you have to respect them. This is their job, so go to some of the events they plan for your floor and be polite.

Community style bathrooms are actually better than suites. This is one of the only times in your life when you'll be sharing a bathroom with fifty people. I lived suite style all of my freshman year, and I didn't know many people outside of my suite. Girls that I knew living community style were friendly with their whole floor. This is honestly a better way to make friends and you won't spend as much time shut in your own room. Also, you probably don't have to clean that bathroom.

If you live with friends (especially sorority sisters), expect to find people asleep in your living room on Saturday morning. During my second semester, I moved into a six person suite, and three of us were in the same sorority. We also had a lot of the same friends, which resulted in unexpected visits. Our building was attached to one of the dining halls, so we often had friends follow us upstairs after eating. Although sometimes it can be hard to kick people out, it's nice to always have friends coming and going. At the end of the year, you're all going to miss that dorm room. 

Don't always study in your room. Make time to go to the library, or another spot on campus. There are way too many distractions in your dorm. Sure, you can write a paper from your bed, but you won't be as productive. When it gets late, I know it's convenient not to walk across campus to study or work on a project. Your residence hall probably has a common area in the lobby that you can use. My floor even had a study spot, so definitely look for these resources and take advantage of them. 

Make the most of your time living in the dorms, because you'll probably only do it once. There's not going to be another time in your life that you live that close to all your friends - even if they're not on your floor, they're on campus. Someone will always be down to order late night pizza, even though neither of you can really afford it. I hope this post was helpful! If you have questions that go beyond what I covered, please leave a comment and I'll do my best to answer!

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  1. I've been in my dorm room for only a few days, but having a community style bath is much more social!
    xo, Syd

  2. As a college girl myself, these tips were on point! Especially your room not being clean no matter how much you try. Seriously I tried cleaning every week but my roommate just did not want to contribute. Plus, dust accumulates like crazy and there's no stopping it. Great post!

    Isabelle |