6 Apps Every College Student Needs

We live in a society where nobody can go an hour without looking at their phone. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as there are many benefits to modern technology. There are so many things on my phone and laptop that help me survive college. Today, I'm sharing my most helpful apps for college students! This doesn't include any social media, as that is usually more of a distraction than an aid!

Quizlet - This is one of my favorite study tools. There is also a website for when you are on a computer. You can create and study flashcards. Quizlet also helps you learn material by making you type out one side of your flashcard. You can also create tests and matching games.

Wunderlist - Create a variety of to-do lists and check everything off with one app. You can also connect to your Facebook, Google, or Hotmail account and create collaborative lists. If you love being able to cross things off a list, like me, then you definitely need this app in your life.

Cartwheel - It's no secret that college students have basically no extra money. However, I also like to spend as much time at Target as possible. You can easily save money on each shopping trip with this app. All you have to do is scan the bar codes of your items. If there is a discount, add it to your list! When you checkout, you'll have one bar code for the cashier to scan.

Calm - Stress is a constant thing in college. This app offers meditation and relaxation methods. You can even just use it for relaxing background noise if you want. There are different options for guided and unguided meditation. Although there are several free options within the app, there are also many extras that you would have to purchase. 

Spotify - If there is a time when Spotify is not running on my phone or laptop, I'm in class or sleeping. I've made different playlists for almost every mood I have. There's also a student option if you want Spotify Premium. You can pay only $4.99 each month instead of $9.99!

Amazon - Amazon offers a 6 month free trial of Amazon Prime for students. Take advantage of this! You get free two day shipping on eligible items and access to their Prime content. Don't forget to cancel your membership before the trial is over, if you don't want to be charged though! I used the app for shopping on the go and tracking orders.

BONUS: Missouri State University has an app that lets you see your schedule, grades, meal plan balances, and more. Definitely find out if your school has a similar app! It's so so helpful to have access to everything at your fingertips.

What are your favorite apps? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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