Big & Little: You're My Person

With the school year rapidly approaching, there's a lot to prepare for. I'll be going through recruitment as an active member of a sorority for the first time. This means I'll be searching for a little the moment those girls step into the Crescent Castle. I've already started crafting. Perhaps the most important aspect of Big Little Reveal is the shirts. So, I've got some good news for you.

R Little Co on Etsy has so many adorable options for big/little shirts in tanks, t-shirts and long sleeve. Her designs are so cute, but you can also personalize them. She offers the option to change colors without an extra charge. You can get Twin, Gbig, GGbig, Glittle or GGlittle shirts as well. Basically, it doesn't matter how many branches your family has, you can get all your shirts in one place!

My big and I were so excited to receive these Grey's Anatomy themed shirts (c/o R Little Co). We both love the show and we also match shirts way too often, so why not add another set?

I've collected a few of my other favorite designs below, but make sure you check out the entire store on Etsy. If you're not in a sorority, she makes other shirts too! There's something for everyone.

Big Little Floral Family Tank - S-XL All I Need is Coffee and my Big/Little Tshirt S-XXL CUSTOM PHOTO Big/Little Circle Photo Tank S-XL

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  1. I'm not in a sorority (I wish) but this is SO cute!! Love!

    Corsica |

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like them!


  2. When are you going to make a whole post about how cool I am?