5 Things to do during Syllabus Week

Some consider syllabus week to be a waste of time, or a week for partying to kick off the semester. However, there's a few simple things you can do to get ahead during this easy week. Don't waste syllabus week, because there isn't another time in the semester when your workload is this low.

1. Attend all your Classes
It doesn't seem like it, but syllabus week is one of the most important weeks in a semester of college. This is when you'll get key information from your professors. It's also the time when there isn't homework or exams, so you can get a feel for what your classes will be like before everything gets too stressful or busy. 

2. Read Your Syllabi
Highlight important information and make note of each professor's office hours and best method of contact. Your syllabus contains everything you need to know to succeed in each class. Syllabi have dates for exams and assignments, grading policies, and details about textbooks you'll need. 

3. Write down all Important Dates
Dedicate some time to transferring information from your syllabi to your planner. I like to have one color for each class. Copy all assignment and exam dates to your calendar. Trust me, you'll thank me for this later.

4. Purchase Textbooks
Do this after you go to all your classes at least once. Your book list may indicate that you need certain books, but your professors will likely tell you otherwise. It's not uncommon to go to your first class and be told that you absolutely do not need to buy the textbooks. 

5. Learn your Schedule
I don't just mean memorize where and when your classes are held. This is your time to figure out when it'll be best to eat lunch or when you will be able to spend time in the library. You'll also be joining campus organizations at this time so pay attention to your schedule and learn what works for you. 

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