2 Years of Blogging

Yesterday marked my two year blogging anniversary. Here's my first blog post. I remember deciding to start a blog when my family road tripped from Saint Louis to Los Angeles that summer. I took hundreds of photos on my mom's DSLR and I wanted an outlet to share some of them. I continued to post about things that were going on in my life and my different adventures before venturing into the world of fashion bloggers. I have never been a professional fashion blogger, but I have and continue to share outfits from time to time on here. Some of my favorites were this jumpsuit from the Lilly for Target collection, this blue dress with photos at the zoo, and this more recent blanket scarf.

When I started college, it was increasingly difficult to keep my blog up to date. I shared moments from my freshman year, like Homecoming and Greek Week. Then, one of my proudest blogging moments occurred. I wrote this post about how much I love my university, and our official Facebook page shared it. Traffic came in at numbers I was completely shocked about. I wasn't even aware that it had been shared like that until another student told me. 

If there's one thing that I've learned in these two years, it's to take photos of everything. I look back on events too often and don't have enough pictures, or I'm trying to find photos for a birthday shout out and I don't have the right ones with somebody. This is especially relevant for college students. You'll blink and another year has gone by, so make sure your memories are documented. Take candid photos of your friends, sometimes they are the best ones. 

This summer, I've made a few blogging goals to keep you all engaged and to make sure I'm putting out content that I'm proud of. Blogging has given me a voice and a platform and I want to continue using it to share interesting and original content. You can always let me know what you want to see on here, by leaving a comment or tweeting me (that might be one of the lamest things I've ever done). I hope you continue to enjoy my blog posts about college and sorority as I try to figure out what I am doing with my life. 

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  1. Happy Blogiversary! I remember starting my blog nearly 4 years ago, and being so excited and nervous at the same time. Keep up the good work, blogging has been so fun!


  2. Happy Blogiversary! That's great you've been able to blog for two years. Hopefully you'll have many more years to come!

  3. Happy Blogiversary!!! That is fantastic!! Two years!! Woo hoo. I haven't even passed my first year - so overwhelming how much information you get while blogging. I hope for many more years to come for you!

    I really need to try and remember to take photos of everything... thanks for that tip. Cheers