Where to Shop for your College Dorm

When shopping for your college dorm, there are so many things you need. There are also a ton of options of where to shop. I've rounded up a few of my favorite stores and options so it's not too difficult for you!

I didn't actually purchase anything for my dorm room from Anthropologie, but they have so many unique options for bedding. If you don't mind spending a little more, definitely check out Anthropologie.

I bought a lot at Bed, Bath & Beyond before I started college. They have almost everything you could need. Shop here for basic items, storage solutions, and small kitchen appliances.

Any storage that you could possibly need can be found at The Container Store. They have a lot of different storage options that come in collections so you can stay organized.

I absolutely love Home Goods. When you're looking for decorations and other odds and ends, start at Home Goods. I would even look at several locations, if you are able, since they tend to have different items in stock.

Again, IKEA is home to great storage and organization items. They're fairly inexpensive but you'll have to put everything together yourself. IKEA also offers different collections to fit your style.

I love shopping online with Overstock. Usually, they have brand names at lower prices. They currently have a College section, and a ton of bedding options. 

This is another online shopping option. PB Teen has everything you need, from bedding to shower accessories to storage. They even have backpacks on their website.

Target is another place that I purchased a lot of items for my dorm from. They have a lot of options, especially if you want to get some neutral options to start with. Keep in mind that this is a popular college shopping destination, so you are almost guaranteed to have the same bedding as someone else on your floor.

I would shop at World Market for more decorations and fun stuff, but they also have bedding and furniture. They also have some options for office accessories, which are perfect for desk organization. 

Here' some of my favorite bedding for your dorm!
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