What Not to Bring to College

Last fall, I started college at Missouri State University as a freshman. When I moved into the dorms, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. I shared some of what I was bringing with me on the blog. There's a lot of things that college freshman need as they transition to university life. However, there are plenty of things you don't need to pack when moving into your dorm.

T-Shirts from High School
Once you set foot on campus, you don't want to wear t-shirts from high school events. Keep them at home to wear when you are visiting, sleep in them, or make a t-shirt quilt. You're going to accumulate more new shirts than you can imagine in your first year at college. Show off your university pride with a couple new items from the bookstore and collect as many free shirts from campus events as you can. Also, if you are joining a sorority, you're going to acquire plenty of shirts. Make space now for all the new clothes.

Extra Furniture
Dorm rooms are notoriously small. If you are living suite-style like I did, you may have an extra kitchen or living room area for a comfy chair. However, most residence halls come equipped with the necessary furniture. In community style dorms, there simply is not room for extra pieces of furniture. Purchase some cushions and extra pillows to make your bed comfortable. You're going to end up using that area for sleep, studying and relaxing so make the most of the space you do have.

Small Kitchen Appliances 
Again, you probably lack the space for these. You're also probably going to use them once. Other than a small coffee maker, there is really no extra kitchen appliance necessary for you to purchase and bring. My university supplied us with a microwave and mini fridge. I don't know how common this is at other universities, but make sure you check closely to see what will already be in your room on move in day. There may also be regulations on what types of appliances your school allows you to have in the dorm, so read up on those as well.

Excess Decorations
Pack what you need to customize your dorm room and make it feel more like home. Don't go overboard on this though. Leave space to hang photos with new friends. Bringing too many decorative items will make your small room feel more cramped too. If you are planning on joining a sorority, you are going to be spoiled by your big with an endless amount of crafts. These will slowly consume your dorm (glitter, glitter everywhere) and cover any available wall space.

Anything Prohibited by your University
This should be obvious, and includes many things that are pretty self explanatory. This list is going to include items like candles, alcohol or drug paraphernalia and weapons. Some schools have very specific restrictions on the types of appliances, extension cords and power strips you are able to have in their residence halls. Read up on this carefully before you shop. 

Remember that you can bring anything you ended up not needing home when you visit. Usually it is better to be over prepared than under prepared, but I found that this isn't the case with college. You can always shop for things you need later or forget to bring. It's more difficult to take or send things home, especially if you are going to a university far from home. Leave a comment if you have any other suggestions or questions! Check out my other college related blog posts here! 

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