Strawberry Festival

I found myself in H&M recently, shopping for clothes to wear to work and came across these shorts. I'm not sure why I was in the Coachella section of the store, but I couldn't leave without these shorts. The elephants quickly caught my attention, and I decided they would make a great addition to my wardrobe. I wore them for the first time to the Kimmswick Strawberry Festival in Missouri. Kimmswick is about an hour south of Saint Louis, on the Mississippi River. The strawberry festival is essentially a market that covers their downtown with booths from different vendors. There was food, jewelry, clothing, antiques and decor items. I even found a Missouri State key fob that I told myself I didn't need. I quickly returned to the store and bought it though. What is self control? I love exploring little towns and seeing what is going on around me in the summer time. I can't wait to share more adventures on here!

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