Sorority Crafting Necessities

I don't know when crafting became a sorority tradition, but I can't imagine college without it. In my dorm, we dedicated nights to staying in and crafting together. There's so much inspiration on pinterest and always things we wanted to make. I've painted and decorated a countless number of canvases, frames, and jars as gifts. The world of sorority crafting can seem a little overwhelming at first. There's a few things you'll need to stock up on. 

Brushes - you don't need to spend a lot of money on brushes. I've built up a collection by purchasing different variety packs. 

Paint - instead of buying a separate 2oz acrylic paint each time you want to make something, buy the basic colors now. You can mix to create different colors and shades. Make sure you have plenty of black and white.

Tape - straight lines are impossible without good painting tape. The cheapest scotch tape you can find will do the job, but make sure it's stuck down or your paint will bleed.

Canvases - never buy canvases at full price! All the major craft stores have different sales each week. I like to buy several at once, and they often come in value packs. Don't underestimate canvas boards either. They're cheaper and help to make a wall of canvases look more varied.

Frames - unfinished wood frames make great gifts after you paint them and add some decorations. Michael's has some for only $1!

Ribbon - you can add ribbon to anything to give it some added flair.

Rhinestones - you can also put rhinestones on pretty much anything. There's some really cool canvases on pinterest made with rhinestones. They also look good on anything wood, like a frame, letters or pin box. 

Glitter - should you add glitter? Yes, always add glitter.

Glue - you're going to need a few different types of glue in your crafting supplies. Elmer's glue is perfect for working with glitter. I also recommend getting a mini hot glue gun for embellishments. Lastly, modge podge is your new best friend. Seal paint and glitter, especially glitter, with it to make it last longer.

I've linked everything you need to get started below:

Artist's Loft Fundamentals Natural Hair BrushesReeves Circle Plastic PaletteAcrylic Paint Value Pack by Craft SmartScotch Greener Masking Tape for Performance PaintingCraftsmart Paint Pen Set, Broad Line, 3 Count, Multi
Artist's Loft Necessities Canvas Super Value Pack, 8" x 10", 8" x 10"ArtMinds Wood Frame, 4" x 6"Kerr Mason Pint JarCelebrate It Tempo Grosgrain Ribbon, 1/4", Light BlueDarice Gems, Rhinestones Round, Clear

Creatology Glitter, 8 oz. SilverCreatology Glitter, 8 oz. GoldElmer's Washable School Glue ClearMod Podge Matte, 16 ozArtMinds Fashion Mini Glue Gun, Pink

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