Open Letter to the Group Chat

We all have one. The infamous 'group chat' is known for giving you constant notifications and draining your battery before lunch time. If you're really blessed (cursed?), you're apart of more than one. They may seem like a burden sometimes, but we all know we would be lost in life without our group chats.

Thank you for the advice you constantly provide me with.
Whether I need to know if a shirt is cute or if I'm deciding which photo to post, you answer all my questions. If I can't remember what time we need to be at an event, someone knows. You've allowed me to rant about anything going on in my life and I've listened to you do the same. 

Thank you for providing my with entertainment 24 hours a day.
When I finish a class and open my phone to over 100 notifications, I know something dramatic has happened... or you all discovered a new meme. Either way, I can't wait to read (skim) all of the messages. I never feel lonely when the group chat is blowing up.

Thank you for the updates before they hit social media.
The group chat is the first place I go to make announcements about my life. New job? New boyfriend? New pet? It's all in the group chat before it is on Twitter. I'm so glad I get to hear about your day or about something exciting happening first.

Thank you for making embarrassing photos resurface.
There's nothing I look forward to more than when someone sends a photo from middle school to the group chat. This always leads to stalking each person on Facebook in a race to find the best material. I truly enjoy seeing pictures from a time before front cameras existed for selfies and when crocs were popular.

Thank you for understanding when I put you on mute.
Sometimes I can't keep up with all the messages you send. Maybe I'm out of town, and the plans you are making for lunch aren't relevant. I might be in the library, cramming for an exam. Thanks for never being offended that I've silenced my notifications or stopped replying for a few hours. We all need a little 'me' time. 

Without the group chat, I would live my life in constant boredom. Or worse, I would have to send 7 different texts every time something happened in my life. So thanks, group chat. You're pretty special.

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