Mom's Weekend

Last weekend, my sorority celebrated Mom's Weekend. My friends and I took our mothers to one of our favorite local restaurants for lunch when they all arrived. We also attended a painting class downtown, as organized by our chapter. We painted a crescent moon, which is Gamma Phi Beta's symbol. It was one of those where you all are supposed to paint the same thing, step by step, but they all turn out unique. For example, you might have noticed my moon is lacking a face. I chose to leave it off, since faces on inanimate objects kind of freak me out. I had a great time at Mom's Weekend and was also able to show my mom my new dorm (I moved at the end of January due to roommate issues and location on campus). If your sorority is ever looking for something to do for Mom's Day or Weekend, I would definitely recommend a painting class like this! So many ladies walked in terrified, thinking they had no artistic ability, and walked out with masterpieces. 

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