Chicago {Day Three}

On our final day in Chicago, we left my friend's apartment by 8am to see the river being dyed green. We met a few of her other friends and tried to see some of the parade. However, there were way too many people around and we weren't prepared to get to the parade early enough. Although we pretty much missed seeing any of the parade, it was really cool to watch them dye the river. This has been a tradition in Chicago for several years, but the dye only lasts five hours, since they use a vegetable dye. 

We didn't have time for anything else that day, since we had to be on our train by five. Overall, I really enjoyed my trip to Chicago. It felt a little rushed, since we tried to do as much as we possibly could in three days. However, I enjoyed that more than I would have enjoyed sitting around for a week and spreading everything out.

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