Chicago {Day One}

My spring break was last week and I caught a train from Saint Louis to Chicago with a friend to explore and see one of our friends from high school for a few days. She is currently studying at Columbia College in Chicago, and her dorm is basically an apartment. We only had a few days but we did as much as we could.

On Thursday, we walked around Millennium Park, saw the bean, and explored the area near the lake. After lunch at Cosi (which is very similar to Panera), we went to the Art Institute of Chicago and were able to see the Van Gogh exhibition. We wandered around there for a few hours. For dinner, we went to Cheesie's, which is a grilled cheese restaurant on Belmont Avenue.  I got The Mac, which was basically a macaroni and cheese stuffed grilled cheese sandwich. 10/10, I would it recommend to anyone who enjoys food. You can check out the rest of their menu here. They also have food trucks all over Chicago in spring and summer. 

Keep an eye out for my next two blog posts, which will be all about what I did in Chicago the next two days of my trip! If you have any questions about my travel experience or the food or what to see in Chicago, let me know in the comments!

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  1. You had a great time, I just want to know where were all the Chicago people? Can't beleive there was nobody at the 'Bean'

    1. We went around 9.30 in the morning, and it was a Wednesday, so we beat the rush!