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On bid day, my crescent sister (who is like a temporary mentor that helps you through the new member process) told me that when you join a sorority the crafting Gods open up the clouds and say "let this girl have crafting abilities." I laughed, but she was right. Honestly, in the last couple months I have spent more time and money on canvases and paint than I have in the rest of my life. I've spent so much time looking through Pinterest for ideas. I always liked doing pinterest-y things but I never had the motivation to finish anything and stuff would just sit in my room half-finished until it found its way to my closet. Now, I can make stuff for other people and I really want to.

So these are a few canvases I've painted recently. I gave the first one to my big right after reveal. I made the "It's Fall Y'all" and the striped one for my dorm. Then, I painted the blue one for my grandbig and gave it to her for initiation. The rest I made for my big and gave them to her for initiation. Side note - I promise I finished the cheetah print, I didn't realize the two spots in the middle weren't finished when I took the photo!

I started tracing the words for my quotes because I'm just not coordinated enough and I could never get words centered. I find fonts on and type it out on powerpoint. Then I print it out and stand at my window coloring in the letters on the back of the paper. I tape the paper to the canvas and then shade over the words and it pushes the pencil through so the words are there lightly. I just paint over that after. Nothing is perfect but it works a lot better for me than free handing. I also use modge podge to coat the canvas when I'm done. This just stops the paint from chipping and gives it a smooth finish. It's totally not necessary but it makes me feel better.

If you are looking for more crafting inspiration, I have a whole board on Pinterest, so be sure to follow that!

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