Homecoming Recap

Homecoming was just a couple weeks ago, followed by Initiation week! This meant almost no sleep and being super busy every day. College homecoming is so much more intense than it is in high school. So far, homecoming has been one of the best things about being in a sorority. Our theme was Hercules, which I loved. All week, you get to be super involved in campus events and work with your sisters towards one goal. I got to bond with girls in my class and talk to older girls that I had never really had a conversation with. Whether we were painting banners, participating in field day, or pomping until sunrise, it was a great experience. And, we ended up with a pretty awesome float, if you ask me. It can be an extremely stressful week, but you're going to make some of your best college memories during Homecoming.

Tell me about your HC experience in the comments!

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