Navy and coral are a winning combination. I'd had this skirt sitting in my closet for a couple months and I was never sure what to wear with it. I ordered it online from ASOS while they were having a sale, but unfortunately they don't have this color anymore. Then, I randomly picked up this quarter sleeve t-shirt at Ross to layer in the fall. When I was trying on clothing, I paired these two pieces and knew they were made for each other. My bracelet also happened to match and be the perfect shade of navy. I picked up the charm at Disney World over Spring Break. They were in a store on main street, but I don't remember which one. I know they were selling them as "pieces of magic." I bought a bunch with different sayings and planned for my Mom to make them into bracelets. You can check out her etsy store to see some more jewelry she has created.

I usually stick to neutral outfits and wear only one bright color, so this outfit was fun to wear. What are your favorite color combinations? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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Thanks to Sarah for taking these photos!

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