One Year Anniversary

This is so crazy to be writing. It's been an entire year since I posted my first blog post (Cadillac Ranch). I'm pretty sure about ten people read that and now there's so many people from different countries reading my blog. I'm so grateful for all your support on Twitter, Instagram and in the comments on my posts. I started this blog because I went on a road trip last summer and I wanted to share my photos. Now, Shutterblush has grown to reflect me in my everyday life. I've enjoyed setting up photo shoots with my Mom whenever I bought a new outfit that I wanted to share. 

I wanted to share my top three tips/things I've learned as I started my blog with you! Whether you're just starting out or thinking about starting a blog, hopefully these will be relevant and helpful!

1. Connect with other bloggers. Read and comment on other people's posts. Join chats on Twitter and talk to other bloggers. My favorites are actually based out of England, but I try to participate in the #lbloggers and #fblchat Twitter chats weekly. There's a different discussion topic each week, so you'll always learn something new.

2. Plan ahead and schedule posts. I started doing this and keeping up with it in March. It's completely changed how I blog and helped me to drive traffic to this page. I now usually have blog posts ready to go at least two weeks in advance for Wednesdays and Saturday. I say usually, because these photos were taken three days ago... 

3. Be you and write content you would want to read. Do your best to create original posts that reflect you. It's easy to look at other blogger's posts and wish yours were just like that. Most importantly, don't compare your beginning to someone else's middle. I saw this quote on Twitter a few days ago but now I can't find the source.

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