Lilly Pulitzer Summer Favorites

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items from the Lilly Pulitzer summer collection. There are so many blue hues in their stores and online this year, which I am absolutely loving. I wish I actually had a Lilly Pulitzer store nearby so I could actually try these items on. However, I'm going to tell you what I love based on photos!

Let's start with tops. The Del Mar Silk Halter Top comes in a pretty pink and a lovely blue, with shiny gold flecks all over it. Now, who doesn't love the Elsa Tops from Lilly? And the Tusk in Sun print is back? It's the perfect combination. 

The Luxletic collection is literally everything. Lilly prints and athletic wear make for such fabulous pieces. The tanks and cropped pants match, plus there are cute jackets.

The Christine Seersucker Sundress is giving me Lauren James feels, and I love it. The baby blue makes it perfect for spring and summer. While it has such a different look than other Lilly items, it's still super cute!

Now, my favorite shifts have to be the Cathy and the Annabelle. Again, I'm loving the blues. The Cathy shift dress comes in a bunch of prints, but Tusk in Sun is one of my all time favorites, so I included that. The Annabelle has more of a classic Lilly feel. 

Scuba to Cuba is definitely my favorite new print, and I love the simplicity of this T-Shirt dress. It's so colorful and gives such a Lilly vibe. 

Which is your favorite new Lilly Pulitzer item? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. Seersucker might be one of the loves of my lifeeee! Yes, yes, and yes... and I agree on the Lauren James feels!