Printed Shorts

If you are thinking you've seen these shorts before, you aren't mistaken. I wore them when I went to the Magic Kingdom for extra magical hours and met Anna and Elsa. I also wore the other print that I own when I went to the Animal Kingdom. I've been absolutely loving them lately. They're so comfy and they help to make such an effortless outfit look cute. I also love these ones and these ones

Patterned shorts like this seem to be everywhere this summer, and I love the trend. I've never found denim shorts to be very comfortable, but this type of short is cute and comfy. I would wear this outfit running errands or shopping, or even out to lunch.

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All photos taken by my Mom!

Beach Essentials

Today I'm sharing some of my essentials for a beach day, or what I would have in my beach bag while staying near the beach. First, a hat and sunscreen are so important, because you do not want to get burnt! Not only do you have to spend a week looking like a lobster, but it's so bad for your skin. On that note, this palm leaf print romper is perfect for covering up and can double as an outfit for lunch or dinner. 

Target has an entire wall of mix and match bikinis in their store, which I absolutely love. I have several tops and bottoms that I pair differently each time I go swimming. You can buy flip flops just about anywhere, but I always get mine at Old Navy because they are so cheap! Most of the time, they are 2 for $5. 

While I was making this post, I felt so ready for it to be summertime. I can't wait for days by the pool and not having to wake up by six AM on weekdays! What's your favorite thing about summer?

Royal Blue


Dress (Charming Charlie) Similar 1 & 2 // Cognac Wedges (Madden Girl)
 Riley Mini Three-Hand Watch (Fossil) // Tinker Bell Bangle (Alex and Ani) 

This spring, I've had so many events that have meant I need to dress up a bit more than normal. Fortunately, it's led to new dresses in my closet and lots of outfits worth photographing. I mentioned in a previous post that there would be many more fashion posts this month and next. I'm so excited to be sharing more of my wardrobe with you guys. About two weeks ago, I wore this lovely royal blue dress out for the evening.

I wandered into Charming Charlie at the mall in January, and realized I had a gift card from the year before with money still on it. I'd never gone into that store to look at the clothes, but this dress caught my eye. At the time, I didn't know when I was going to wear it, but I know it will work well in summer. The material is so light and flowy, that I didn't get too hot while walking around most of the night outside. I paired it with my cognac wedges again, which you first saw on this post. These shoes are so versatile, I feel like I can wear them with anything.

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Lilly Pulitzer Summer Favorites

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite items from the Lilly Pulitzer summer collection. There are so many blue hues in their stores and online this year, which I am absolutely loving. I wish I actually had a Lilly Pulitzer store nearby so I could actually try these items on. However, I'm going to tell you what I love based on photos!

Let's start with tops. The Del Mar Silk Halter Top comes in a pretty pink and a lovely blue, with shiny gold flecks all over it. Now, who doesn't love the Elsa Tops from Lilly? And the Tusk in Sun print is back? It's the perfect combination. 

The Luxletic collection is literally everything. Lilly prints and athletic wear make for such fabulous pieces. The tanks and cropped pants match, plus there are cute jackets.

The Christine Seersucker Sundress is giving me Lauren James feels, and I love it. The baby blue makes it perfect for spring and summer. While it has such a different look than other Lilly items, it's still super cute!

Now, my favorite shifts have to be the Cathy and the Annabelle. Again, I'm loving the blues. The Cathy shift dress comes in a bunch of prints, but Tusk in Sun is one of my all time favorites, so I included that. The Annabelle has more of a classic Lilly feel. 

Scuba to Cuba is definitely my favorite new print, and I love the simplicity of this T-Shirt dress. It's so colorful and gives such a Lilly vibe. 

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I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life

On Thursday night, I walked across a big stage and shook hands with important people from my school district. I received my diploma and moved my tassels from the right side of my cap to the left. After four years of tests, essays, labs and projects, I'm finished with high school! This is so crazy to write because it truly doesn't feel real yet. It feels more like a spring break where I still have to go back to school on Monday. My friend who graduated last year said it doesn't hit you until you move in to your dorm in the fall. 

High school has been a crazy four years, and I know I've changed a lot. I'm so thankful for the teachers and friends that have helped me to grow and become the person I am today. My parents, of course, played a huge role in the fact that I even made it to this point in my life.

I have four important tips I've collected for those of you in high school now. Whether you are going into your freshman year or starting your senior year, I think these will be helpful to keep in mind.

  • Get involved. I know this is something you hear from literally everyone in regards to high school, but it's so true. Try a club or a sport, even if it's just for one semester or season. The people you will meet are amazing and you automatically have something in common. 
  • It's so good to have a range of friends. Don't limit yourself to one group. This is something I did up until my last year. Branch out, because not all of your friends have to be best friends with each other. This will help you out when it comes time to go to college because you will be more likely to know people going to the same school.
  • Work hard but don't let anything cause you and immense amount of stress. Sure, your grades are important and you never want to be failing a class. But in the end, your achievements in high school are not measured by the number of honors or AP classes you took. Your high school experience is not defined by your GPA or ACT score. 
  • Get to know your teachers. When you have a strong relationship with a teacher, it changes everything. The class will be more fun, they will be more willing to help you prepare for a test or revise a paper. It also gives you a great person to email or visit for advice as you prepare for college.

I'm so excited to see what the future has in store for me. I'm planning on studying Marketing, but I'm not sure which specific area yet. I know I want to minor in Spanish, and I love photography but I have to decide if the classes will be worth it.

I wore

Essie Summer Nail Polish Collection

Top Row: Chillato // Sunset Sneaks // Peach Side Babe
Second Row: Private Weekend // Saltwater Happy // Pret-a-Surfer

The Essie Summer Collection is here, and these bright colors are so fun. I absolutely love Essie nail polish, and it's definitely worth spending a little more for than other drugstore nail polish brands. They always have such amazing colors. The summer collection is available at Ulta now, and you can buy each bottle separately or see the four piece mini collection! I think I'll get the collection of mini bottles. I almost never finish a bottle of nail polish, and this way I can try four colors.

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// BP. Stone Stud Earrings (Nordstrom) (Under $10!) // 
// Cognac Wedges (Madden Girl) // 
// Riley Mini Three-Hand Watch (Fossil) (Currently on Sale!) //
// Wooden Beaded Bracelets (Etsy) Similar //
// Essie "Back in the Limo" //

I never thought I would actually like wearing jumpsuits, but when this was one of the only things I could get at the Lilly for Target launch, I figured I would try it. It's amazing, it's literally my entire outfit all in one piece. You can dress it up, or dress it down. For a more dressed up look, I paired it with my Cognac Madden Girl Wedges. I couldn't find the exact pair online, but I bought them recently so you might have better luck in stores. While I was digging through my jewelry, I found these wooden beaded bracelets, which matched my wedges perfectly.

On the topic of Lilly for Target, I have to mention that I would definitely recommend checking back at your local Target stores if you weren't able to get any Lilly. As people are returning impulse purchases and wrong sizes, they actually have a surprising amount in stock. I found a shift that is a little too big, but can be fixed. One of my friends was even able to find two shift dresses at one store! You can check store availability online, but it is always changing.

Spring has officially sprung, and I'm loving this warmer weather. There are so many outfit posts coming to Shutterblush in the next couple months. I can't wait to share them with you all. To stay caught up on all my fashion and beauty posts, follow Shutterblush on bloglovin'! Also, leave a comment to let me know if you liked this post, I love feedback!

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All photos taken by my Mom!

Becoming one with Nature

A couple of weeks ago, I went camping and took my DSLR in hopes of getting some pretty nature shots. However, I left my memory card in my laptop, and was left with only iPhone photos. I've had this post saved as a draft for a little while. It got pushed back with the Lilly for Target launch and Prom happening in the same weekend. I still wanted to share these photos though. So, here's some of my camping adventures!

We arrived on a Friday evening and left the following Sunday afternoon. The first night, we explored a pond and watched the stars reflect in the water, which was so pretty. On the Saturday, we hiked up to several other ponds to learn about the wildlife. We found several salamanders on the way. In above photos, I'm holding a red back salamander. They can be found as far south as North Carolina, and as far north as Quebec. Spring was in full swing, as the flowers began to blossom.

We also found a box turtle! He quickly hid inside his shell, but I still had to have a picture. If you were close enough, you could see him inside.

On the Saturday afternoon, we canoed for about three hours. Before this, I had only been rafting and kayaking, which are really a different experience. In a canoe, you have to put so much effort into steering and staying balanced. We almost hit a few large rocks and trees but managed to remain mostly dry.

On our last morning, we hiked straight up a hill to this pretty view of the prairie. It was so peaceful and amazing to just sit and listen to the stream and watch the birds in the sky. I camped a lot as a kid, but my family hasn't done it as much recently. It was so nice to get out there and spend a day or two without Internet access. 
Today is also Earth day, but there are lots of weekend celebrations across the world. You can get more information here, but I really encourage you to try something Earth-friendly today!

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