Wilderness Explorer

The weather has been so nice lately, so when I had an early release from school I decided it would be the perfect day to something outdoors. A friend and I drove out to a state park nearby with lots of hiking trails and camping. We didn't have that much time, so we did a short two mile loop. It was enough to take some photos and feel like I'd done something active. I can't wait to head back and do a longer trail when the trees have more flowers and leaves. 

The trail we took included crossing this creek. Surprisingly, the water wasn't that cold and we've only had a couple warm days this year. This day made me so excited for summer, and with only a few short weeks until I graduate high school, it's feeling so close.

I've never been an extremely active person. I'll walk my dog around the block but I always put off exercise. I blame it on not having enough time, or the weather. I really do hope I can make myself get off the couch more this year though! 

I'm wearing Old Navy Activewear Tank Top (1, 2, 3) // Leggings // Shoes


  1. I find nice weather can at least act as a good motivator for getting out there, I try to walk around my town for a little exercise to be active. There also is this trail behind my house that your photos reminded me of... it's always nice to explore and go on a little adventure :)

    1. It definitely is! This was at a state park, but I can't wait to explore more trails.

      Caiti // shutterblush

  2. beautiful photos, so glad the nice weather is finally here!

    danielle | avec danielle