Lauren Conrad // Minnie Mouse Collection

Lauren Conrad is one of my biggest style inspirations. When she announced there would be another Disney inspired collection at Kohl's, I was so excited. It's no secret I love Disney, and the Cinderella collection was so adorable. I thought this one would be based on Belle, since Disney is working on a live-action Beauty and the Beast, but it's actually Minnie Mouse! So far, we only know a few things about the collection. There will be ears and a lot of polka dots. Twenty pieces will be available, including shoes. You can start shopping on May 11th.

Disney's Minnie Mouse collection by LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's.Lauren Conrad (in a Kohl's tee) collaborated with Disney to create a second themed collection for her LC Lauren Conrad line, this time starring Minnie Mouse.
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I wish this collection would have launched in March, before I went to Disney World, but I'm still going to shop it in May. While all of the red, black and white are adorable, I love the subtle tribute in the blue look below. I can't wait for the entire collection to launch!

Lauren Conrad works clothing from her Minnie Mouse line from Kohl's (in stores May 10), complete with mouse ears!

Are you loving this collection as much as I am so far? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I am sooo excited for this launch, polka dots and disney... two things I can totally get on board with ;)