Throwback Thursday // Costa Rica

So tomorrow, at 4 AM, I'm leaving for Florida. This is my last high school spring break, which is a little bittersweet. Last year I went to Costa Rica with some other spanish students from my school. I've been wanting to share these photos for a while, and I thought this would be the perfect time. I was in Costa Rica exactly one year ago. I do want to warn you that this post is going to be full of photos. They were all taken on my Waterproof/Shockproof Nikon Coolpix (similar here) which was an older version of what they make now. I really liked that camera, but I actually broke it in Costa Rica because I got sand/water inside it or didn' rinse it off properly after having it in saltwater.

The morning after we arrived, we went to the San Jose market. There was so much fresh fruit and we even drank coconut water from coconuts. Then, we visited La Fortuna Waterfall. The walk down and back features about a thousand steep steps. I was so out of breath coming back up. It was worth it though. We got to swim in the water just past the waterfall.

After the waterfall, we went up to a hotel at the base of the Arenal Volcano. It was so pretty. The next day we hiked up the volcano.

We traveled by boat across the lake to Monteverde. That means cloud forest. We hiked there and it was a little bit cooler. While in Monteverde, we also got to zipline over the forest. I was so scared of being up so high, but overall it was an amazing experience. The forest was so pretty from above.

Our final tourist-y destination was Manuel Antonio. The beach was amazing, and we were able to spend nearly two days enjoying it. The pool at the hotel was really nice too.

When we arrived at the hotel in Manuel Antonio, we met a lizard. Our teacher decided to name it Pepe, and one of the hotel employees saw us all gathered around and taking pictures. He threw the lizard some pineapple, and it grabbed it so fast.

The second week of our trip included a family stay. This is what I was most nervous about but I really enjoyed it. I was able to see what a family in another part of the world lives like and learn about their culture. 

The last picture is of me and my host parents on our last morning together. It was really sad to leave, knowing that I might never go back, but also nice to come home. 

If you get an opportunity like this, to travel abroad with your foreign language department in high school, take it! It was such an incredible experience. This year, there are people from my school exploring Germany. Over the summer, some Latin students are going to Italy. Or, if you are thinking of somewhere to go for a family vacation, put Costa Rica on your list. It's such a beautiful country and very tourism-based. Lots of people speak English and all the signs have English translations, but if you know a little Spanish, that's better. The food at most restaurants is really cheap compared to eating out in the United States.

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  1. Really really amazing photographs you took there! :)

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