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Over Spring Break, I drove to Disney World with my friend, her family, and her sister's friend. We explored the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, then traveled on to Gulf Shores. For my first in a series of Spring Break Posts, I'm sharing some photos from the Magic Kingdom. It was truly magical, but I didn't take my big camera, so most of these were taken on Kelsey's Nikon D3300. The photos with my watermark were on my phone, or on my Pentax, which I took when we went back for extra magical hours. 

First, we met with Minnie Mouse. She was so cute and pointed out our sparkly Minnie Mouse ears. Don't buy them at the park, they are so expensive! 

Since we are staying at a Disney resort, we experienced the parks with magic bands. They are our hotel room keys, our park tickets, and our fast passes. The Disney photographers also scan them to send any photos they take of you to your Disney account. I ordered monograms on Etsy from SimplySouthernChics. They were only $6.00 for two, and so cute!

At one point, we happened to walk back past the castle at the end of a show, where the princesses and other characters were dancing. The princesses are all so beautiful and the music is so fun.

We met with lots of characters throughout the day. When I was a kid and went to Disney world, the characters wandered the parks and you pushed your way to the front to meet them. Now, there are organized times and places to meet your favorite princess or other characters. Tinkerbell is at Pixie Hollow at the Town Square Theater (near the entrance). After waiting in line, you enter a room and shrink down to pixie size before entering her meet and greet area.

Ariel is at her Grotto in Fantasyland. This is the only place you can see her with her tail, which was so pretty. It was covered in sequins. The characters are so sweet when you meet them. They are absolutely worth lining up for, especially if you have small children. They remain completely in character and make references from the movies. Ariel commented on how much hair I have, and said I might need two "dinglehoppers."

The area that is inspired by Tangled was amazing. The lanterns were everywhere and her tower was in the distance. I love the attention to detail that goes into creating the Magic Kingdom. They really make you feel like you are in another world. Everything fits with the themes they created.

We left for dinner to save some money, and went back from 10pm-1am. When you stay at a Disney world resort, you get "extra magical hours" which are from midnight to 2am. If you can survive the day, there are significantly shorter lines and less people around. 

One thing I did not think we would be able to do was meet Anna and Elsa. However, at 11.30pm, when we walked past Princess Fairytale Hall, the line was only 50 minutes long. Disney seems to overestimates their wait times, as we discovered, so we only actually waited about half an hour. I've heard that during the day, lines for Anna and Elsa can be up to four hours long. 

Again, they were so sweet and spent time with each child that comes up to meet them. I was a little pink from the sun that day, so I'm not looking my best, but it's Anna and Elsa! 

Throughout the day, I gathered some tips for anyone planning a trip to Disneyworld:
  • Take advantage of the fast passes. There is some more information on Disney's website, but you can plan ahead and select times to skip the line. *Anna and Elsa meet and greet was full a month before we arrived, so plan that one super in advance if you are planning to use it! The Fastpass+ meant we were able to wait ten minutes for rides with 90 minute wait times.

  • Do wait in line to meet the characters. Especially if you are travelling with little ones, it is so worth it. While everyone else is eating meals (noon-1pm and 5-7pm) the lines are a lot shorter. Each kid gets a minute or two to talk to the character. They are also really good about letting you take your own photos, the staff member even took my big camera and took the photos of me with Anna and Elsa. 

  • Eat small meals and bring your own food with you. Packing granola bars will save so much money. I had to have a Mickey Mouse pretzel, but it was $4. The meals at the park can be up to $16, and even the Starbucks on Main Street was significantly more expensive than those outside of the parks.

  • Don't be afraid to bring your DSLR camera. All of the rides I went on had enough room under my feet to store a camera bag. Also, it is a theme park made for kids, so nothing we rode went upside down or was a big enough roller coaster that I would have been worried about losing my camera. 

Overall, the day was magical. Disney world vacations are worth every penny, and I highly recommend it at any age.

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