Aruba, Jamaica, Ooh I Wanna Take Ya

During our visit at Disney World, we stayed at Disney's Caribbean Beach Resort. The resort is located close to Epcot, but you can take their shuttle to each of the Disney parks. It follows a Caribbean theme, where each area is a different island. We stayed in Jamaica. Each 'island' also has its own pool and shuttle bus stop. It was really nice, and the lake had a fake beach with really comfy hammocks.

The main building, Old Port Royale is located next to the main pool, which has a pirate theme. There were even Disney movies under the stars each night. This pretty pineapple fountain had a little quote that read
"Here my waters watch the sky,
Reflecting friends as they pass by.
Legends say these isles are enchanted
Toss a coin, your wish may be granted!"

Each of the 'islands' had different colored buildings and they were all so bright and fun. I've never actually been to the Caribbean but Disney did a great job creating a tropical paradise in Orlando. Like the parks, it was really clean. The staff were always picking up trash and keeping it looking beautiful.

In total, we stayed at the resort for three days and four nights. We spend two days at the Magic Kingdom and at Animal Kingdom, then I had one day to relax and enjoy the hammocks and pool. The resort was so pretty at all times of the day, but the sunset over the lake was especially pretty with all the palm trees.

Overall, I really liked this resort. It's the only Disney resort I've stayed at, but I would definitely recommend it if you are considering Disney resorts. In general, staying at the Disney resorts makes your trip really convenient. Your Disney Magic Band serves as each persons room key, park ticket, and FastPass+. They have a shuttle to all the parks that runs every twenty minutes or so, meaning you don't have to pay for parking at the theme parks. It also makes the whole experience feel a little more like Disney, when there are Disney songs and little Mickey Mouse references all over.

If you've stayed at Disney's Caribbean Resort, let me know what island, and how you enjoyed it!

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  1. Girl, your photos are making me burst into a million tiny pieces! I absolutely LOVE disney and every part of it! I've never stayed at the Disney Caribbean Resort, my parents always loved Port Orleans- Riverside and that's all I have ever stayed at. I am living vicariously through you and your posts lol. Sounds like such an amazing time! Thanks for all the reaching out on social media! You have one cute blog!