Snow Day

It's been below freezing for almost an entire week, which has meant bundling up in layers and layers of clothing. However, it's also meant that the ground is covered in snow and ice. While some consider this a big headache, especially those who have to drive in icy conditions, I found something quite pretty in all the cold.

The icicles formed by this frozen waterfall were amazing, and so interesting to photograph. Like snowflakes, each one was different, as they would have frozen over time. The whole lake was so pretty, especially near sunset.

I love summer, but winter can be kind of amazing too. If you ignore the fact that your nose gets so cold it feels like an ice cube on your face, and your fingers often feel like they are going to fall off. I'm so ready for it to warm up, and for Spring to come. 

I hope you enjoyed this photography post, I've been trying to get out and take more photos, like I did over summer. If you did like this post, let me know by leaving a comment! As always, don't forget to follow Shutterblush on Bloglovin' and never miss a post!

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