Seventeen Facts

Yesterday, January 16th, was my seventeenth birthday. To celebrate, I'm doing a family dinner on Friday and going out with friends on Saturday. That outfit post will be up in the next couple of weeks! I thought this would be a good opportunity to share seventeen facts about me, with all of you. One for each year.

1. I was born in New Zealand.

2. I also lived in Australia for a couple years.

3. I wish everything was monogrammed.

4. I sing in my car. A lot. Out loud.

5. I own a Kindle but I love buying real books.

6. I am very shy when I first meet someone, but then I open up.

7. My middle name is Nicole

8. I enjoy watching people open gifts.

9. Taco Bell is my guiltiest pleasure.

10. I've never broken a bone.

11. I love paper and making lists.

12. I burn candles all the time, especially in winter.

13. I have a passion for Macaroni and Cheese.

14. I can be a perfectionist, but also procrastinate a lot.

15. I love all things Disney.

16. My dog is my best friend.

17. Daisy by Marc Jacobs is my favorite scent.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, as it was a big more personal than normal. Comment with fun facts about you, or anything we have in common! Also, don't forget to follow Shutterblush on Bloglovin'!

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