Something New at the Zoo

Last week, the St Louis Zoo debuted their newest addition, a baby orangutan! She was born on December 14th, and needed a month to bond with her mother before she could be out for the public. Her mother is forty-five years old and a mom to Rubih as well, who lives with them at Jungle of the Apes. The baby name was voted on by zoo visitors, and the most people voted for Ginger! On Martin Luther King Day, he zoo hosted a baby shower and name reveal for Meerah and Ginger. Of course, I had to go and see.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a good shot of Ginger's face. She is in Meerah's arms and you can kind of see her holding on. 

On the left, Robert and Cinta (Ginger's father) are pictured. Rubih is in the photo on the right.

When Robert came over to the glass to check out some of the baby shower decorations, I couldn't resist taking a few selfies with him. If you follow me on instagram, you've already seen one of these photos.

It's super exciting that we have a new baby at the zoo, but I'd also like to point out that it's not all good for orangutans, especially in the wild. Orangutans in the wild, both Borneo and Sumatran are threatened due to deforestation in their habitats. The demand for palm oil is huge right now, as it is used in many common products. Producers of palm oil clear the land in Borneo and Sumatra, where orangutans live, to grow palm trees.

In case you're wondering, my scarf is from H&M and I'm wearing a tan cardigan (Old Navy) with a white t-shirt (Old Navy), leggings (H&M) and tall riding boots (Fergalicious).

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