Loufest DAY TWO

Last weekend (September 6 & 7th), I went to Loufest with a good friend, Kelsey. Loufest is a two-day music festival held in Forest Park, St Louis. The lineup included headliners like Arctic Monkeys and Outkast, as well as local bands like Pretty Little Empire. The weather was amazing, it was in the 70s and 80s both days. We arrived when the gates opened, at noon, on Sunday.
*note: all photos on this post, unless stated otherwise, were taken on my iPhone 5

After sitting in the shade and listening to a local band, Pretty Little Empire, we headed over to the 'Nosh Pit' for more donuts. I decided to get the Cookie Crumble this time. Then we went over to the Bud Light Stage to see Portugal the Man. At the time, I didn't really know who they were, and didn't take any photos, but Kelsey is a big fan. I'm glad we saw them, and I really liked their music.

Afterwards, we lined up for more free tacos. The line was a lot longer, as there were more people that day and more people knew about the free food. This time, I opted for the 'Sordita' which was the tofu option. It was shredded and cooked in a sauce that was kind of hot. It really just tasted like chicken, and it was really good. I've heard that Chipotle doesn't sell the Sordita tacos everywhere yet, But I hope they come to stores near me soon. The Chipotle tent was next to one of the smaller stages, and at the time I didn't know who was playing. Turns out it was Marc Scibilia. 

After our tacos, we sat down for a bit and went to see the band playing on the bigger stage. It was Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue. Their music was really fun to dance to, so we wished we had come over sooner!

Next up was one of the other bands on our must-see list, Grouplove. They're from California, and were one of the first indie/alternative bands I got into. We were probably only ten people away from the front. Their music is so much fun, and they put on a really great show. We were planning to line up and meet them, but we couldn't find the line. When we did, they had already cut it off.

So, we went to see Matt & Kim. I knew a few of their songs before going to Loufest, and Kelsey saw them very recently. The sun was just setting so I couldn't take many photo. We couldn't get very close anywpay, as they started at the same time Grouplove finished, but on a different stage. They threw about a couple hundred latex balloons out into the crowd and had everyone blow them up. They then all threw them up at the same time.

We decided not to stay for Outkast, since neither of us are fans. We sat for a couple songs, but it's really not my style. So, we headed out and beat the traffic. On the way home, we stopped for our Buy One, Get One Free burritos that the people from the Chipotle tent gave us. Also, since it was a Sunday night it was good to be home around ten. I was exhausted!

Loufest was an amazing weekend. It was my first music festival, and was probably a good first music festival. It was pretty small, with four stages, but there were lots of amazing bands. 

If you enjoyed this blog post, please comment! Or if you also went to Loufest,let me know! 

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