Route 66 Midpoint

This summer, my family drove across the American southwest. We followed Route 66 to Los Angeles with a few touristy stops along the way. After driving on the Interstate for days, we decided to drive on the old Route 66 for a little bit. We were extremely lucky with our timing, because we drove right through the midpoint.

The halfway point of historic Route 66 is located in Adrian, TX (nearly 50 miles west of Amarillo). There's an old car and truck sitting outside of the Midpoint Cafe, which people have signed over the years with silver and black markers. The huge variety of countries written by visitors includes the United States, Canada, France, England, and even Australia.

The Midpoint Cafe has been around since the late 1920s.  The cafe was even visited by Pixar representatives when they were making Cars, and was an inspiration for Flo's Diner. The lady we met in the souvenir shop, and her dog were very friendly!

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