Cadillac Ranch

This summer, my family drove across the American southwest. We followed Route 66 to Los Angeles with a few touristy stops along the way. The first real photo op was the Cadillac Ranch just outside of Amarillo. Originally, the owners tried to keep the cars clean but now it's known as a "public art installation" and people are pretty much invited to decorate the cars.

If you visit, watch out for the big yellow caterpillars! They're all around the site, from the entrance to the actual cars, and there were lots that had been painted or squished.

We forgot to buy spray paint before getting there. However, a lot of people use their paint once and just throw the nearly full can on the ground. So, after testing a few, I found a nearly full can of yellow paint.

Of course, I had to leave my mark:

I would recommend visiting the Cadillac Ranch, especially if you are a car person or just want to try spray painting something without getting into trouble. It's just past Amarillo (if you're driving west) and not far from the Interstate. You'll see it from the road, but keep an eye out.

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